Technique & Training

Seating Position

  1. Set hips up square on the seat.
  2. Sit up tall, activating stomach muscles and back muscles to keep back straight.
  3. Angle the torso slightly forward from the hips until your chin is located over the mid thigh region.
  4. Gunwale leg is extended forward and braced against the seat in front or braced against the bottom of the boat in such a way that you can push through the foot and into your leg.
  5. Inside leg is braced for stability against the seat your are sitting or tucked under the seat slightly with the knee pointing forwards but able to pivot in towards centre of boat.
  6. Slide against the closest gunwale of the boat, positioning weight on gunwale leg by angling the whole torso slightly out of the boat from the hips so that your shoulder joint is out over the water.
  7. Try to keep your shoulders parallel to the water and the boat as much as possible at all times. 


Rotation is not achieved from rotating the shoulders alone!

A true rotation is achieved through the hip and torso acting as a single unit