Team Cheer

I don’t know but I’ve been told
Kootenay Lake is really cold!

The Rhythm Dragon team is tough
Of paddling we can’t get enough!

Our steering lady’s really great
With Dorothy our line is straight!

Rain or shine we’re on that lake
At racing speed just watch our wake!

Love to race it’s in our veins
We’re always first in our own lane!

Attention please and paddles deep
Our start will make this dragon leap!

Gun goes off and the race is on
Eyes in the boat, and soon its done!

“REACH WITH POWER!”┬áthe coach will yell
C’mon Rhythm Dragons lets give ’em hell!

TEN HARD NOW! We’re half way through
DIG! DIG! DIG! It’s what we do!

Racing’s over that was fun
Grab a beer ’cause now we’re done!