Members of 2017 Executive

Chairperson: Diane Tulloch                  Vice Chair:  Janet Stephenson

Past Chair:  Dorothy Hatto

Secretary: Maggie Mulvahill                  Treasurer:  Jeanette McCarvell

Financial/Community Liaison: Mary Walters 

Equipment Manager:  Deb Smith        Personnel:  Diane Tulloch

Events Coordinator:  Sarah Quayle and Jennifer Cowan    

2017 Committees:  Terry Fox Run 2017, Pat Gibson, Chair

Communications:  Hoda Ghamrawy         Publicity: Coordinator: Jennifer Cowan
                                                                                  KRD SIS Team: Mary Walters
                                                                                  KRD LOL Team:
                                                                                  KRD Rec Team:  Judy Deon

Membership: Jeanette McCarvell         

Club Fundraising:  Frances Long, Reshma Pereira, Kathy Manson, Patricia Logan, Willa Hosfall, Mary Walters

            LOL Team: 
                                   Boat Maintenance: Dorothy Hatto
            SIS Team:
Maggie M; Marg L.         Uniforms:  Louise Andrew
            Rec Team: 

Social Convener:   Sarah Quayle         Sunshine:  Jill Cowan, Dawn Jacobsen, Cheryl Dew

Safety:  Linda Kope                           Fitness:  Peggy Scott, Dawn Jacobsen

                            Website Manager: Diane Lines

 Coaching Team

Dragon Boat Coaching Team:     Puleng Pratt, Cath Little, Jeanette McCarvell
                                                   Dorothy Hatto, Mary Walters,  Diane Tulloch
                                                   Jill Jacobsen, Deb Smith, Dawn Jacobsen,                                                     Janet Stephenson

Steerspersons:                           Dorothy Hatto, Diane Tulloch
                                                   Bobbie Maras, Janet Stephenson, Cath Little
                                                   Jeanette McCarvell